weekend Italian courses


Our weekend Italian courses are a full immersion experience in Italian language.

You are in Florence for a few days but would like to improve your Italian language skills even in a short period of time? Or maybe you work in Florence but need to improve your language skills to a higher level?

Might you be a beginner or not, Istituto Galilei has the right solution for you, with the Weekend Italian courses in Florence!

According to your necessities, you can choose between three different weekend Italian courses programs: light, basic and intensive (check the “About the course” section here below). 

Weekend Italian courses

This program is specifically conceived for all those who don’t have much time at their disposal and nevertheless, wish to learn as much Italian as they can in a short period of time!

Our weekend Italian courses are held by two different teachers, so that the student can experience two different approaches to the language learning.

You are not able to travel at the moment? No problem, because our school provides Italian online courses as well! 


About the course

Our Weekend Italian courses offer a three-day full immersion program and are suitable for multiple reasons:

  • If you are a beginner and would like to acquire basic knowledges in survival Italian, to be able to speak with native speakers in daily situations (bar/restaurant/shops/hotel, etc)
  • If you are a professional or business person, and would like to take advantage of a weekend immersion to improve your Italian language skills
  • If you are travelling in Italy, but would like to get the best from your trip and enhance it with an immersion in Italian language and culture

Please find the schedule of our weekend Italian courses here below:

LIGHT (suggested for non-beginners)
Saturday – 6 hours
Sunday – 4 hours

Friday afternoon – 4 hours
Saturday – 8 hours
Sunday morning – 4 hours

INTENSIVE (including meals)
Friday afternoon – 4 hours + dinner
Saturday – 8 hours + lunch & dinner
Sunday morning – 4 hours

Our weekend Italian courses are available in individual formula, course for couples and for self-composed groups.

Course type       Total of hours Price per week
(suggested for


BASIC 16 €690
(including meals)
20 €1080

The fees include:

  • Books and materials for the classes
  • Enrollment fee
  • Taxes
  • Certificate of attendance at the end of your course
  • Use of our facilities, library and media
  • meals (for intensive courses)

Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

Offers and discounts

If you are coming with family/friends, you can get the best rates with the following discounts for enrollments in the same course:
– 2 persons: 20% OFF on each one’s course fee
– 3/4 persons: 25% OFF on each one’s course fee                                              

Additional Services

For the Art History lovers or for those who would like to know more about Florence, 2 hours of Italian lessons can be converted in a guided visit with our teacher of Art History!