Learn Italian in Italy

LEARN ITALIAN IN ITALY at Istituto Galilei

Are you planning to learn Italian in Italy? At Istituto Galilei we use a communicative approach in all courses provided, both in Italian language and culture. Our goal is to keep the lessons stimulating, in order to have everyone immediately get immersed into the topics introduced by the teacher.

From the very first moment of your course, you will be involved with professional and approachable teachers, who will provide a personalized program for your course and who will proceed in the lessons according to the individual learning speed and needs of each student.

To all the students who decide to learn Italian in Italy, Istituto Galilei offers a professional environment and a teaching method that gives results from the very first lessons.

Learn Italian in Italy

Be careful with your choice of school!

When choosing a person for a job, would you address to an unskilled or inexperienced person? Or would you mostly rely on a motivated and professional person, with core expertise and constantly working to provide an increasingly wide and better range of services?

Then the same applies to the school you decide to enroll in when choosing where to learn Italian in Italy

The secret of our quality is: excellent teachers with years of experience, and the school size, which has been kept rather small in order to give everyone the opportunity to receive individual attention!

In case you are not able to come to learn Italian in Italy, you can try our Italian online courses !

Teaching method of Istituto Galilei

The Italian teaching method of our personalized language courses has been elaborated and refined in over 38 years of activity with our main focus on one-to-one and small group tuition.
If you decide to come to learn Italian in Italy at Istituto Galilei, you will be followed by our experienced teachers trained to give each student individual attention through a flexible and personalized teaching approach.

We take into consideration many elements that are key factors in terms of a person’s time and ways of learning, as: the mother-tongue, the age, the interests, the study habits and the motivation of choosing to learn Italian in Italy.

At first the teacher verifies the student’s linguistic needs and characteristics, together with the student’s interests in order to make sure to include them in the course contents.
The lessons are then organized on the study of grammar topics, through the most appropriate instruments (conversational activities, articles from newspapers or magazines, videos, etc) and linguistic consolidation exercises (tests, guided conversations, roleplays, etc).

Our experienced teachers will proceed in the course program according to your learning speed and daily results. Moreover, they will constantly revise and interpret the achieved results with the students, in order for them to be aware of their language improvements.

Thanks to our teaching method, our students start to speak Italian from the first lessons. For this reason, many international companies, colleges and universities from all over the world send their directors, employers and students to learn Italian in Italy at Istituto Galilei!

Our teaching method works because:

  • Our courses are based on a communicative approach.
  • Our teachers have experience since 38 years.
  • All our programs are personalized according to each student’s needs and goals.
  • The course program is established basing on the daily results.
  • The teacher proceeds in the program according to the student’s speed of learning.
  • Creating the study program, we always take into consideration our students’ age, interests, languages spoken.
  • Each student who comes to learn Italian in Italy is provided with the book and all supplement materials to study.
  • We follow personally each student.
  • Our cultural courses and activities give our students a further possibility to practice the studied Italian.
  • Our hours last 60 minutes.


Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

learn Italian in Italy
Learn Italian in Italy
learn Italian in Italy

Offers and discounts

Before coming to learn Italian in Italy, visit our last minute page : you will find there various offers and discounts!

Additional Services

On request Istituto Galilei may provide:

  • a pick-up service
  • transfer
  • visa assistance
  • travel planning assistance