Excursions in Florence and Tuscany


Every month our Italian language school provides the students with a different program of excursions in Florence and Tuscany.

You can join our walks through the city centre to discover Florence’s hidden secrets, tasting excursions, walks at the central market, food tours and cooking classes to master your Italian culinary skills. Otherwise you can decide to go on some of our excursions in Florence and Tuscany during the weekend as well as nights at the theatre and high quality shopping tours.

Excursions in Florence and Tuscany

Monthly program of activities and excursions

Activities are accompanied by professional staff, due to the large range of options we offer. Hereafter you can find an example of a weekly program of excursions in Florence and Tuscany.



About the program

Among our activities and excursions in Florence and Tuscany, there are:

  • Sightseeing walking tours of Florence
  • Guided visits to churches and museums
  • Hiking in Chianti with food and wine tasting
  • Excursions to Arezzo, Montalcino, Montepulciano
  • Day trips to various Tuscan towns (Lucca, Pisa, etc)
  • Excursions to Cinque Terre, Venezia, Roma
  • Day SPA in the Tuscan countryside
  • Culinary and food tours

Our excursions and activities are organized in groups.

However, you could join it also individually and you can decide to book only 1 activity/excursion of the program.

Ask us for the monthly program at the moment of your enrollment, and we will send you all the details!

Week day Activity / Excursion
Monday Introductory Walking Tour
Tuesday Traditional trattoria lunch/dinner
Wednesday  Cooking class
Thursday Museum visit
Friday Excursion to Arezzo
Saturday Excursion to Lucca and Pisa
Sunday Excursion to Siena
Additional excursions* Excursion to Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre*

For this program, the price per person starts from Euro 415.

*You can ask to add one of additional excursions starting from Euro 80 per person.

The fees include:

  • Enrollment fee and taxes
  • Transportation services when needed
  • Tickets to the museums

Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

excursions in Florence and Tuscany
excursions in Florence and Tuscany
excursions in Florence and Tuscany


For self-composed groups we can organize personalized program of excursions. Just contact us by e-mail at info@istituto-galilei.com

 Additional Services

Our monthly program of activities and excursions can be combined with some hours of survival Italian lessons as well as different visits and activities (see all our culture courses).