Whether you are wondering about the trip of a lifetime, looking for your next adventure or a short term study abroad, Istituto Galilei in Florence is the right place to start planning your journey!

Italy is not by chance one of the top destinations in the world for tourism: with its millennial history and renowned art masterpieces you just need to turn round a corner to be ravished by something beautiful…
It is not a case that Italy attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year.

Our over 38 years of experience in organizing short term study abroad programs in Italy as well as in travel planning make our combined programs the right choice if you wish a trip organized in the most suitable way!


short term study abroad


short term study abroad


short term study abroad


short term study abroad


short term study abroad


short term study abroad


Experience with us an Italy you won’t discover elsewhere!

What makes our short term study abroad programs different?

Our short term study abroad programs give you the possibility to discover the real beauties of Italy, far from mass tourism routes. From language to cooking, through art, excursions and product tasting, we invite you to join us on a trip to live a real Italian experience!

Our study and travel programs in Florence, that combine Italian language and culture are never rigid, but can be fully customized to perfectly respond to your wishes and expectations: might you be travelling alone or coming with your family/friends, our staff is at your disposal to prepare for you a fully personalized travel experience in Florence.

Browse through our programs to find the one that suits your wishes or enquire us directly for a personalized solution; our staff will gladly be of assistance to make sure your trip will be an amazing experience!

Moreover, organizing your short term study abroad program, we can help you find the accommodation that suits your needs and, if needed, we can book it on your behalf.

If you are an agent, a teacher or a tour leader, we can provide for you special programs exclusively conceived for your groups! Contact us to partner with us or just write us for more information!

At Istituto Galilei we provide a wide range of combined programs for :

  • people of all ages
  • art lovers
  • food and Italian lifestyle enthusiasts
  • those who have just a week at their disposal but want to live a real Italian experience
  • groups who wish to have a personalized program
  • all those who wish to enjoy a unique experience traveling in Italy

Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

Self composed group

If you come with your family, friends or in large self composed group, contact us for a personalized special offer! 


If you come with children, we are able to organize a special activity just for them!

Ready to get started?

Choose the combine program that suits better your needs among our short term study abroad offers in the boxes here above!