Batik course in Florence


Our cold Batik courses in Florence are organized for all levels from beginners to experienced artists.
The cold Batik technique is a modern variation of traditional Batik, which is a wax-resist dyeing method used on fabric. Traditional Batik has a long history, originating in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. It involves applying hot wax to specific areas of the fabric to resist dye, creating intricate patterns and designs.

The cold Batik technique, on the other hand, eliminates the need for hot wax by using a cold wax paste or a water-based resist instead. This allows for more flexibility and ease of use, making it a popular choice for artists and crafters looking to experiment with Batik without the traditional tools and processes.

The Batik course with cold technique has gained popularity in recent years as a more accessible and beginner-friendly alternative. Artists and creators around the world have embraced this technique for its versatility and creative possibilities.

Batik course

Cold batik technique in Florence

The material on which the Batik technique is performed is traditionally cotton, linen and silk.

In our Cold Batik course in Florence you will also be able to create your own unique works using as support jeans, leather or customize and create items that remain to you ( bags, pants or jackets).

The Batik course includes hands-on practice sessions, demonstrations, and guidance from experienced instructors to help students master the technique.



About the course

The cold Batik course covers the basics of the technique, including materials needed, different wax application methods, dyeing techniques, and how to achieve various effects. Students will also learn about color theory, design principles, and how to create their own unique cold Batik pieces.

1. Introduction to cold Batik technique
2. Overview of materials and tools needed
3. Understanding different types of wax and their applications
4. Techniques for applying wax to fabric
5. Exploring various dyeing methods and color mixing
6. Creating different design effects using wax and dye
7. Hands-on practice sessions to develop skills
8. Guidance on creating original cold Batik designs
9. Troubleshooting common issues and mistakes
10. Final project showcasing student’s mastery of the technique


The cold batik course helps to develop your artistic skills. In addition, it stimulates creativity and problem-solving skills. Finally, it is an opportunity to learn something new and different. In fact, Batik requires great precision in the design and application of wax. In addition, the choice of colors and patterns requires an artistic eye.

Each piece of Batik is unique, since the patterns and colors can vary infinitely. Therefore, the cold Batik course is a great opportunity to express their personality and inventiveness.

In conclusion, a batik course is a unique experience. So, if you are an art enthusiast or just curious to try something new, the Batik course may be the experience you are looking for!

Course Type 1 week* 2 weeks
One-to-one Batik Course
€590 €1150
Two-to-one Batik course
480 €920
Small Group Batik course*
330 €590
Course Type 1
One-to-one Batik Course
€590 €1150
Two-to-one Batik Course
480 €920
Small Group Batik Course
330 €590

*Prices are indicated for 12 hours per week.

Courses are organized on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 2pm to 6pm.

One-to-one, two-to-one, and self-composed group courses can also take place in the morning following your needs.

The cost of the material varies with the technique and the type of work and, therefore, is not included in the price of the course.

The fees include:

  • Enrollment fee
  • Taxes
  • Certificate of attendance at the end of your course
  • You will take home the artwork created by you during the course

Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

Batik course in Florence
Batik course in Florence
Batik course in Florence

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