Study Italian in Italy

STUDY ITALIAN IN ITALY at Istituto Galilei

The easiest and fastest way to learn a language is to study it directly in the country where it is spoken. Therefore, if you wish to improve or start learning Italian language, come to study Italian in Italy at Istituto Galilei!

Istituto Galilei was established in 1985 in the center of Florence and since then it has specialized in language courses  with personalized programs, that help the students to reach the best results even in a short period of time.

We have a pluriennal experience in creating tailor made study plans, that can also combine the study of the language to Italian culture, based on your age, language background and personal needs. Thanks to the high quality of our courses many international companies send us their directors, managers and employers to study Italian in Italy

Istituto Galilei is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Study Italian in Italy

Istituto Galilei welcomes you in Florence!

From the first “buongiorno” until the last “arrivederci” we are always here, ready to listen to you, caring about your stay and your progress, offering our support throughout your courses and your stay in Florence.

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Come to study Italian in Italy at Istituto Galilei to quickly improve your skills!

If you wish to start learning Italian even before traveling to Italy, you can choose to take advantage from our Italian online courses!


About Istituto Galilei

Learning Italian is necessary for every person who wants to understand and appreciate the life and culture of our country. The keys for an effective tuition are to study Italian in Italy and to learn through a method with a highly “practical” approach with mother tongue teachers.

Since 1985 Istituto Galilei in Florence has developed its know-how in Italian courses for business, exam preparation and for other personal needs for those, who need to improve their Italian language to the highest levels in a short period of time and wish to study Italian in Italy.

Our courses are taught only by a higly professional and experiensed teachers. Programs are always personalized. Our hours last 60 minutes.

Istituto Galilei is located down town Florence, at 5 min to walk from Duomo. All classes are provided with air conditioning.

If you would like to know more about what our students think about study Italian in Italy at Istituto Galilei, check our students feedback’s page.

The fees include:

  • Materials, books and notebooks
  • Free weekly guided tour
  • Museum entries for art history and Florence history courses
  • Ingredients for cooking courses
  • Accomodation booking service
  • Certificates at the end of the course
  • Enrollment fee


Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

Study Italian in Italy
Study Italian in Italy
Study Italian in Italy

Offers and discounts

Before coming to study Italian in Italy, visit our last minute page : you will find there various offers and discounts!

Additional Services

On request Istituto Galilei may provide:

  • a pick-up service
  • transfer
  • visa assistance
  • travel planning assistance