Italian courses for senior 50+


Unlike many other schools, Istituto Galilei is specialized in Italian courses for Senior 50+.

Collaborating mostly with international companies and private persons of all ages, we have a great experience to organize Italian courses for adult people. Indeed many of our students are 35-80 years old people.

The programs of our Italian courses for Senior 50+ are specifically created in order to allow the students to feel at ease when studying the language, proceeding with their own speed of learning, avoiding excessive stress.

Italian courses for Senior 50+

It’s never too late to study Italian!

If you are an adult person who wishes to learn the Italian language in a pleasant and relaxing environment while enjoying the stay in the beautiful city of Florence with a wide variety of cultural activities, then you are in the right place!

You can combine your Italian courses for Senior 50+ with various cultural activities that can be organized in the afternoon, according to your preferences in a completely personalized program!



About the Course

Our Italian courses for Senior 50+ are available all year round and are organized in individual, two-to-one formula or self-composed groups.

The Italian courses for Senior 50+ are completely customizable, created on the students’ needs and requests. Programs are tailored to the linguistic needs and the profile of each student taking into consideration his/her linguistic background, age, motivation and learning structure.

You will be followed personally by one of our experienced teachers, who will proceed in the course program according to your learning speed and daily results.

The Italian courses for adults may start and finish on any day requested. Moreover, you can also choose to have a very personalized schedule.

Our Italian courses for Senior 50+ include a weekly visit to Museums/Churches, a visit to a famous Florentine Market (San Lorenzo Market) with the teacher, 1 evening per week theatre/concert activity. According to your preferences, 1 cooking course with dinner can be included with a small supplement.

The courses “C” and “E” include the lunch with the teacher, while the course “F” includes the dinner with the teacher.

All courses that last more than 4 hours per day are held by 2 teachers, one for the lessons in the morning and the other fot those in the afternoon.

Our school is small/medium-sized, so that each student can enjoy the personal care from our staff in a familiar atmosphere and have any assistance they may need in organizing a good stay in Florence/Italy.

Italian courses for adults can be combined with any of our Italian culture courses.

For self-composed groups (minimum 3 people) that would like to enroll in our Italian courses for seniors 50+, just write us an e-mail so that we will be able to figure out a very personalized program based on your wishes!

Individual courses** Hours per day Price per week
Course "A" 4 hours
Course "B" 6 hours
(9am-1pm and 2pm-4pm)
Course "C"(*) 6 hours
Course "D" 8 hours
(9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm)
Course "E"(*) 8 hours
Course "F"(*) 5 hours

* including lunch/dinner
**for 2 people enrolled in a two-to-one course, discount of 30%

The fees include:

  • Books and materials for the classes
  • Enrollment fee and taxes
  • Certificate of attendance 
  • Use of our facilities, library and media
  • Weekly guided visit
  • Visit of San Lorenzo Market with the teacher
  • Weekly concert/cultural activity

Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

Italian courses for Senior 50+
Italian courses for Senior 50+
Italian courses for Senior 50+

Offers and discounts

On our Italian courses for Senior 50+ we offer the following discounts all year round:

For a 3-week course, 8% OFF on the weekly rate
For a 4-11 week course, 10% OFF on the weekly rate
For a 12-week course or longer, 15% OFF on the weekly rate
For 2 participants in the same course, discount of 20% on the rate for each person

For last minute offers or special promotions, remember to check the page SPECIAL OFFERS

On weekends and holidays as well as for lessons after 6pm a supplement of 10% is applied.

Additional Services

In our Italian language courses for adults we offer the opportunity to include lunch with your teacher, in order to keep practicing Italian outside the class during lunchtime in a friendly and informal environment. The costs are the following:

  • Light gourmet lunch: € 40 per day
  • Deluxe lunch: € 90 per day

Your business does not allow you to travel? No problem, because our school provides Italian online courses as well!