Our Italian language school in Italy is the ideal environment to learn Italian!

Situated in a historical Italian building in the centre of the city, our Italian language school in Florence provides the ideal environment for both study and work.
Our classrooms are bright and provided with audio and video equipment, as well as air-conditioning.
Thanks to the school size, which has been kept rather small, we can follow you personally and give everyone the opportunity to receive individual attention during your studies and your stay.

Mission and History

italian language school in Italy

Istituto Galilei, Italian language school in Italy, was established in Florence in 1985 following the will of our founder, Dr. Angelo Perugini, to provide to business people, professionals and students from around the world linguistic and highly specialized communications services and meet the highest quality standards.

Today, after 38 years, all the staff at Istituto Galilei carries on this mission, driven by the will to give the opportunity, to all those who choose our Institute, to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay in Florence and in Italy.

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With the valuable collaboration of highly specialized and professional teachers, Istituto Galilei provides personalized Italian language and culture courses and programs to allow every student to reach the best results in short periods of time!

Istituto Galilei is officially recognized by Italian Ministry of Education.

German students who wish to study in our Italian language school in Italy, Florence, can take advantage of our Bildungsurlaub individual courses.

Our Italian teaching method

Italian language school in ItalyAt Istituto Galilei – Italian language school in Florence, the teaching method of our personalized language courses has been elaborated and refined in over 38 years of activity with our main focus on one-to-one tuition. Our teachers are trained to give every student individual attention through a flexible and personalized teaching approach.
Our programs are never rigid and our courses (both private and in small groups) are structured in different levels, in order to give a solid base to beginners and to increase the previous skill and knowledge at the upper levels.

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All our courses have been developed to allow a high degree of personalization and provide a complete answer to the needs of each student.

During the first class our highly qualified teachers will check the knowledges every student has on the course’s subject chosen, then they will expose the courses’ program in order to merge the requests of all participants.

When choosing your course, always keep in mind that, should you wish to have a completely customized program or to have your course taught in a specific language, then we would highly recommend you to choose one of our one-to-one courses.

For further information on the teaching method of Istituto Galilei, Italian language school in Italy, Florence, please check the dedicated page!

How we determine your level

Italian language school  in ItalyThe Italian language courses offered at Istituto Galilei in Florence are open to everybody, and are divided into different levels: from the first one for beginners, to the last one in which the language competency and awareness are full. The levels of our Italian courses correspond to the common EU (Quadro Comune di Riferimento Europeo) standards of language proficiency.
If you are not a beginner you will be asked to complete our Italian language test, in order to get a first evaluation of your knowledges and assign you the right teacher and materials.

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In any case, on your first day of class your assigned teacher will administer you an oral test, in order to establish your “real” level of Italian. To ensure successful classes, the first rule in our Italian language school in Italy, Florence is to always assure a teacher with competency also on the native language of the student, especially for beginners, in order to have a strong “bridge language” to ensure full communication and comprehension through the learning phases of the course.

Learn Italian in Florence!

Italian language school in ItalyFlorence stands to the Italian language like Oxford to English. Florence is the place where Italian was born and the first writers such as Dante and Boccaccio were Florentines. Still at the present time Florence is the town in Italy where a purer Italian is spoken while in other regions you might run into dialects and their heavy inflexion in the pronunciation can give foreigners some trouble in understanding the language.

To know more about why to choose Istituto Galilei among the Italian language schools in Italy, Florence, please visit our page “Why Istituto Galilei“!


Our Italian language school in Florence is located at the very heart of city, only 5 minutes walking from the Duomo Cathedral, in the same block as the Gallery of the Academy where Michelangelo’s David is shown.

The city’s main attractions are within walking distance from the school (Palazzo Pitti, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria..).
The area is pretty quiet and pleasant, filled with all services and facilities for your stay, such as typical shops, restaurants, libraries, bookshops and boutiques.

Rules and regulation

Istituto Galilei – Italian language school in ItalyItalian language school in Italy, Florence, is open from Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00pm.

Our courses can be organized all year round (also on holidays, festivities, and weekend). On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays as well as for lessons after 6pm a supplement of 10% is applied. Please note that all supplements/discounts are applied only on the rate of the hours (courses including lunch/dinner).

To enroll and reserve your place at our Institute, you need to send us your application form, and a deposit of 30% of the course’s fee. The registration covers the enrollment fee, the course certificate issued at the end of class, specific course materials, general student support services, housing research, welcome and orientation activities and a free guided tour in the center of Florence.

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Payments and Changes to the schedule
The balance of the courses’ fee shall be paid before or on the first day of lessons.
Changes in the times and/or schedule of lessons, as well as last minute lessons’ cancellation once the course has started must be communicated on the day before the lesson. In case of lessons arranged on a Monday, changes must be made by 5.00 pm of the preceding Friday.
For changes and variations which will not be communicated according to the above mentioned terms, the lesson will be lost and not recoverable, and the fee will not be reimbursed.

Cancellations must be made by email or fax. Full refund is made for cancellations more than 15 days before the start of the course. For cancellations within the 15 days preceding the beginning of the course, 30% of the course fee will be kept. Once the course has started no reimbursement will be made.
All disputes shall be judged by the Florence Court of Justice.

Istituto Galilei, Italian language school in Italy, Florence, provides assistance in finding accommodation to students only upon receiving the deposit for the chosen course. This service has no extra charges for the students, and is gladly offered by the school.
Accommodation fees must be paid cash on the first day of class directly at school.

Student Visa
In cases where a student visa is necessary, Istituto Galilei provides all the necessary documentation as required by the Italian Embassy/Consulate. The certificate of enrollment which is required to apply for a Visa will be issued after receipt of the whole course fee.
For further information about the requirements to apply for a student VISA visit https://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en

Personal data
The participant authorizes Istituto Galilei to include her/his personal data on a mailing list for the purpose of enrolment. The participant may also periodically receive informative or promotional material. In accordance with Italian law (art. 13, 675/96) the participant may at any time request the removal of her/his personal data from the mailing list of the school.

Thank you and enjoy your stay!

School Facilities

Italian language school in ItalyChoose to learn the Italian language in Florence in a comfortable environment.
The rooms of our Italian language school in Florence are equipped with air conditioning, audio-visual system, stereo recording facilities as well as a computer to practice the grammar and to connect to internet.
Moreover, in our small and cozy lounge at the entrance, teachers and students can interact and share, before and after classes, pleasant talks and free moments, learning from each other every day.

For music lovers and opera singers coming for specialized courses (phonetics and librettos study) a piano is available.

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Library and media
Istituto Galilei in Florence has also a library, with texts of Italian literature, art, history (and many other topics) enriched by an interesting collection of Italian movies in Dvd.

Both the library and the dvd collection are available for our students who would like to practice the language outside the class. Our teachers and staff will be glad to be of assistance and help you choose the most appropriate text/movie for your level of Italian.

Wi-Fi Internet
A wireless connection is available in our Italian language school in Florence and can be used by the students with their own mobiles and laptops, to work and study also after the classes.

Our References

The quality of teaching, the programs’ reliability, the rigorous attention to the individual and her/his linguistic needs are guaranteed by the confidence that international prestigious companies, Universities and Colleges give us sending their employers, directors, managers and students to our Italian language school in Italy, Florence.

To check the complete list of our clients, please visit the following page: 

Italian language school in Florence

Partner with us!

Italian language school in ItalyAre you an agent, a recruiter, a university/college/educational representative?

If you are looking for a study trip program for students/alumni or clients, then contact us to become our partner!

Since 1985 Istituto Galilei, Italian language school in Italy, Florence, has been providing agencies, colleges and universities all over the world its high-quality and cost-competitive Italian language and culture courses in Florence.

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In the last 38 years we have improved and refined our Study Abroad Programs, in order to give a complete response to the international requirements in terms of higher education, this is how our PROGRAMS section started.

We will meet your agency/institution’s needs by providing a personalized course plan, collaborating with you to design a unique program in Italy, specifically taylored to meet the participants’ wishes in the most suitable way.

Our programs can be both faculty/agency led as well as led by a host country team leader from our Institute, and both the lenght (from 2/3 days up to several weeks) and programs (tailored to various language levels as well as topics of interest) are flexible.

Our talented team, specialized in study abroad programs, will work with you to create a fully customized syllabus (including visits, excursions and educational field trips), while being of assistance at all the steps of the travel planning, taking care also of the logistical and organizational aspects of the program.

Trial Lesson

For those who are already in Florence, our Italian language school offers a free Italian trial lesson in individual formula!

Deluxe Courses

Our Deluxe courses are organized directly at your location (hotel, countryside, seaside, etc..).

Ready to get started?