Italian for tourism courses


Our Italian for tourism courses will help you during your trip in Italy: to orient yourself in the city, to ask for informations, to make eventual claims, to order food and drinks at the bars and restaurant, to be able to communicate during an eventual medical check.

Italian courses for tourism can be organized in individual formula, in pairs, small groups/families or self-composed groups.

Italian for tourism courses

Start to communicate with the Italians on site!

Since not all Italians speak English, German, French or other languages, we would like to make your stay in Florence more pleasant offering you your first approach to the language in our Italian for tourism courses.

You are not able to travel at the moment? No problem, because our school provides Italian online courses as well!


About the course

Our Italian for tourism courses introduce you directly to Florence everyday life: the lessons can be held both in the classrooms and outside the school, i.e. walking through the streets, practicing the language in the bars, reaching some historical squares and places of the city.

In this way, you will start to communicate in Italian with the local people starting from the first lesson!

The program of our survival Italian courses can be completely personalized according to your wishes and needs, interests, duration of your stay in Florence.

In our Italian for tourism courses you will be able to learn the fundamental vocabulary to “survive” in Italian everyday life: from food to directions, from colors to clothes, to artistic vocabulary, etc …

In addition, you will be able to practice basic conversations with your teacher, which will be useful during your trip to Italy to be able to:

  • ask for directions and find your way around the city;
  • order breakfast, lunch and dinner at the bar and restaurant;
  • book a restaurant, a hotel room or a visit to the museum;
  • call the taxi to book a ride;
  • ask for general information (for example to book any medical examination).

Usually Italian for tourism courses are organized for 1 or 2 hours per day and can be scheduled in the mornings or in the afternoons, according to your preferences.

On request, a guided visit of the city center with one of our art history teachers can be included in the course.

Course type 5 lessons 10 lessons 15
One-to-one Course
€165 €320 €450
Two-to-one Course
€135 €255 €360
Small group Course*
€80 €150 €230
Course type 5 lessons 10 lessons15 lessons
One-to-one course €165 €320€450
Two-to-one course €135 €255€360
Small group course* €80 €150€230

The prices are calculated on 60 minutes per class lessons.

The fees include:

  • Materials for the lessons
  • Enrollment fee
  • Taxes
  • Certificate of attendance at the end of your course

Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

Italian for tourism courses
Survival Italian courses
Italian for tourism courses

Offers and discounts

For self-composed groups, we offer a discount of 5%!

Additional Information

Our survival Italian courses will be organized according to your travel plans. Just let us know the most suitable schedulefor you!