Italian courses in small groups


Our Italian courses in small groups in Florence are intensive classes with max. 4 students per group.

Being only in 3 or 4 people per class, the courses assure a full exposure and immediate introduction into the language. Therefore, they are an optimal course choice for all those who prefer to participate in a group course but still wish to have individual attention from the teacher.

The Italian courses in small groups are available for all levels and are organized for 4, 6 or 8 hours per day. 

Italian courses in small groups

max. 3 – 4 participants per class!

You would like to study Italian, but you cannot decide between a course in a standard group or an individual tuition? Our Italian courses in small groups are the middle way you are looking for!

In terms of results, two weeks of our Italian courses in small groups correspond to one month in a standard size group.

You are not able to travel at the moment? No problem, because our school provides Italian online courses as well! 


About the course

Istituto Galilei offers Italian courses in small groups  in Florence (with max. 4 participants per class), for all those who are interested in an intensive class but still do not want to study in a standard size group.

With classes limited to 3/4 participants, our Italian courses in small groups assure:

  • high participation to the daily lesson
  • personal care from the teacher
  • immediate and full exposure to the language
  • possibility to review each student’s homework in class

Our Italian courses in small group start every first Monday of each month, and last for a minimum of two weeks. They are scheduled from Monday through Friday for a minimum of 4 hours per day.

To let the students reach the best results at the end of the course, the small groups will be composed of students of almost the same language level, in case the minimum quota of participants (3 students) is not reached, small group lessons will be converted to two-to-one lessons with two-thirds the number of hours or one-to-one lessons with half the number of hours.

In order to know your level and thus be placed in the right group, take the online test here.

Italian courses in small groups
are organized for both young students as well as adults.

We offer special discounts for self-composed groups (see the section “Offer and discounts” here below)!

CoursesSchedulingPrices (for 2 weeks)
A-gr9am - 1pm€770
B-gr9am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm€1080
D-gr9am - 1pm and 2pm - 6pm€1340

The fees include:

  • Books and materials for the classes
  • Enrollment fee
  • Taxes
  • Certificate of attendance at the end of your course
  • Use of our facilities, library and media

Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

Italian small group courses
Italian small group courses
Italian small group courses

Offers and discounts

On our Italian courses in small groups in Florence we offer:

– for a 4 weeks course: 8% OFF
– for a 6 (or more) weeks course: 10% OFF
– for a self-composed small group (min 3 people with the same level): 10% OFF

(the other participants will pay the normal price)

For last minute offers or special promotions, remember to check the page SPECIAL OFFERS

Additional Information

In order to know more about the main differences of studying a language on an individual basis, in a small group or a bigger group, please click here >>> .

If instead you wish to know how much time you should plan for your language stay in Italy to achieve a certain level, consult the page “european levels & results“.