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Why Florence?

Florence is considered the perfect town to learn the Italian language and culture thanks to the well known facts:

  • In Florence the Italian language was born

  • For this reason here you will practice the pure language without a dialect influence

  • Florence is a beautifull historical city (Unesco world heritage site)

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  • Florence is located in the center of Italy, from here you can reach in 2 hours Rome (Sud) and Milan (North)
  • And don’t forget the Italian cuisine – the Tuscan specialties (food, oil, wines) are another good argument to be here!

Why Istituto Galileo?

By studying in our Italian language school you will have the best results in a short period of time thanks to:

  • Taylor made programs based on your age, language background, personal needs
  • Study method with a highly “practical” approach
  • Our know-how in Italian courses for business
  • Our certified program for exam preparation
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  • Special adult programs which include several activities
  • Our Italian language courses can be easily combined with a cultural course of your interest
  • Our hours last 60 minutes
  • Our teachers have more than 30 years of experience
  • Our language school have the air conditioning
  • The school is located at 2 min walk from the Duomo
  • Istituto Galilei is accredited by Italian Ministry of Education


Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

What We Offer

At Istituto Galilei we offer intensive Italian language courses and culture courses and combined programs for learners of all nationalities. 

At our Institute, you will never feel as tourists in a foreign town, but part of a dynamic and lively international family.
From the very first moment you will be given 100% attention and commitment from our expert staff,  who will surely make you fell at ease with the city and the school.

At Istituto Galilei, we like to consider ourselves more than a learning centre, but your new Italian home, ready to help you and assist you everyday!

adult courses

business courses

exam preparation

abroad program or internship preparation

International university students and teachers

Or simply Italian language and culture lovers who wish to spend an enjoyable time discovering the best that Tuscany and Florence have to offer!

The keywords in what we do are: enthusiasm, energy and a great passion! Three words that perfectly resume our dedication and commitment towards our mission.

Come join us at Istituto Galilei, your Italian language and culture school in Florence!

Individual Italian Courses

The most effective to learn the italian language while exploring the beautiful Florence.


Small Group Italian Courses

If you have more time to study and like engaging with students this is the course for you.


Italian Culture and Art Courses

Experience the Italian Culture first-hand with highly personalized programs.


Lifestyle and Combined Programs

For those who wish to discover more about the Italian history, lifetyle and culture.


Why we are different

Our Italian language and culture school receives each of our students like a personal guests. The quality of teaching and the programs’ reliability are guaranteed by the confidence that the prestigious companies listed in our Reference page give us.  We believe that dedicating a careful attention to the specific needs of each individual student allow them to take all benefits from their courses and then to make the most out of their study time.

The atmosphere you will experience at Istituto Galilei is unique:

The school offers a familiar, friendly and welcoming environment, in order to provide you the perfect ambient for your study and full assistance during your stay in Florence.

Feel free to write us with the form here below, we will be glad to send you all information needed!


Please see here some feedback from our former students about the Italian language courses, Italian culture and Art courses organized by Istituto Galilei

I stayed 3 weeks studying the Italian language and enjoyed every minute of it. Studying in Florence is a great experience, the school team is very nice and helpful, their assistance is too important during the stay. 

Ozelenen Sezer

A native Russian speaker, I have studied various foreign languages and know the difference between an ordinary school and an exceptional one. The combination of their tailored approach, individual classes, unique immersion method, focus on immediate application of the learned material in a natural setting and fantastic teachers make Istituto Galilei truly stand out among other language schools.

Ksenia Kokareva

Former Student

 I spent 2 weeks studying there as soon as I got here and after that I was magically speaking. The two professors with whom I’ve been studying during this weeks were that kind of increadible people with whom I could spend months hearing and talking to. It was a pleasure to learn.

Beatriz Stilman

Former Student

I spent a week at this school in order to improve my Italian, just in one week, thanks to my teachers, I raised the level and strengthened all the bases of this beautiful language. This result can’t be achieved in a normal school for such a short period of time.”

Tigran Grishkian

Former Student

“I highly recommend the Italian Language Institute “Galileo Galilei” to anyone who wants to use the Italian language in a competent, agile and secure manner. I have been taking individual classes with the school for 4 weeks. I am able to converse, write and read well, at what I would say is an intermediate level. I am able to express facts but also deliver them in a way that conveys my feelings and perspectives. I can now enjoy the benefits of being immersed in daily Italian life. I feel this is in large part due to the individual (one-on-one) instruction that the school offers. Of course the school offers other formats such as group or small-group courses. As a person who works in a professional, corporate environment, my time is very important. I want to develop my Italian quickly but with confidence. The Galileo Galilei institute does this well. My lessons are tailored to my learning objectives. The institute is very much oriented to delivering quality service, customized to what their clients need. ”

Robert Schantz

Former Student


Some pictures that can tell you more about our Italian language school in Florence!


Founded in Florence in 1985, Istituto Galilei is among the most famous Italian language schools in Italy and our commitment to academic excellence and high-quality learning is attested also by our official acknowledgment by the Italian Ministry of Education.

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