Italian business courses


What makes our Italian one-to-one courses in Florence different from many other schools in Italy, is our attention and focus to provide every student with an individual study program, specifically tailored to the linguistic necessities and the profile of each student.


Our Italian business courses are available all year round and guarantee both a schedule and a program specifically designed according to each individual’s professional needs, held on a timetable chosen by the student. You are also free to choose the beginning date and the length of the period of study. The teacher’s attention will be focused only on your necessities and the course will proceed according to your learning speed and daily results.

Our Italian business courses are organized for a wide range of professional fields, such as: management and communication, law, finance, medicine, education, Arts (Opera singers, actors, ecc…), literature, office work (secretary, assistant, ecc..), translation and linguistics, engeneering, mechanic and many others.

Our Italian business language courses can be organized everyday from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 hours per day, with the possibility to include lunch with your teacher.

Please note that for courses organized on holidays and on weekends a supplement of 10% must be added to the price. You can pay the supplement directly here at school.