Culture courses


italian culture courses florence, culture courses Florence

Italian cooking

italian culture courses florence, culture courses Florence

Art classes

italian culture courses florence, culture courses Florence


italian culture courses florence, culture courses Florence

Art History




Italy has a central role in European culture, and Florence is right at its heart.

Coming to Italy and to Florence represents therefore a unique occasion to experience and appreciate the most characteristics aspects of the Italian culture.

This is why at Istituto Galilei we have structured the following italian culture courses which, through a practical and direct approach, will be the right way to immerse yourselves in a real Italian experience:

  • Italian cooking courses
  • Art courses at the studio
  • Photography courses
  • Art History courses

Our courses of Italian cooking, art and culture have a very practical teaching approach, to allow the students to experience the Italian culture first-hand.

The Italian culture courses offered at Istituto Galilei can be followed as individual courses, as well as in small and regular groups.  All our programs are structured in a way that they give good results also in only few days of lessons.

And if you are coming to Florence to learn the language but would also take the chance to enroll in a culture course, no worries! Our schedules are perfectly combinable in order to let you easily combine the courses’ options of your preference.



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