Why Florence


Our staff at Istituto Galilei is glad to welcome you in Florence, the best town to learn the Italian language and culture!

Trust us when we say that there is no other city in the world where you can experience the beauties and magic that only the town of the Medici, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Dante has to offer.

learn italian in Florence, study italian in FlorenceWhile learning Italian attending the courses at our school, Istituto Galilei, you will discover that Florence has so much to see, visit and enjoy that you’ll have no time to get bored.

Let our beautiful city amaze you: with its beautiful panorama and all its buildings, churches and museums. Florence is an international city which keeps an authentic and traditional atmosphere through its small streets and enchanting corners.

Florence is the perfect town to learn the Italian language and culture, as it has everything you might be looking for while on a trip to Italy: art, cuisine, museums, and nightlife activities for all ages, which can be mixed with the peace of a relaxing excursion to the seaside or to an art town in Tuscany.

learn italian in Florence, study italian in FlorenceFor the lovers of “Made in Italy”, Florence has both the boutiques of the major Italian designers as well as authentic small artisans’ workshops, and gives you the opportunity to taste all the excellencies of one of the most famous culinary regions in the world.

At Istituto Galilei, our school in Florence, you will have the opportunity to learn the Italian language and culture in the craddle of Renaissance in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

Come enjoy our beautiful city and take this unique occasion to enroll in our Italian language courses in Florence to get the best results!