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business italian courses florence, courses of italian for business florenceWhy studying Italian for business?
Italian is spoken not only by people in Italy, but also by a total of around 70 million in the world: in Switzerland is one of the official national languages and in both north and south America the Italian native presence is pretty strong. Speaking Italian will then allow you to deal directly with Italian natives and to enjoy better business relations; but to maximize your results it is better to rely on a professional teacher, specialized in courses of Italian language for business.

Our school was established in 1985 with the specific aim of providing to private people and multi-national companies its first class linguistic services. In more than 30 years of activity Istituto Galilei have established active and long-term collaborations with some of the most important companies in the world (see full list at

business italian courses florence, courses of italian for business florenceWith a tailored program of individual lessons, complete flexibility (with the opportunity to have class on the weekend or during the holidays) and a personalized tuition with an expert teacher, our Italian business courses are the best choice for those willing to improve their knowledge and proficiency in Italian.

Our courses in Italian for business are available all year round and guarantee both a schedule and a programme specifically designed according to each individual’s professional needs, held on a timetable chosen by the student. You are also free to choose the beginning date and the length of the period of study, and the teacher’s attention will be focused only on your necessities, and the course will proceed according to your learning speed and daily results.

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For more clarifications about the benefits and advantages of an Italian individual language course, you can read the words of our founder at the following page: –

The characteristics of this courses are:

  • focus on Italian business language and lessons given by an expert of the field, who will combine grammar with specific materials and thematic conversations
  • study of the terminology of your working field and analysis of both verbal and non-verbal communication in reports, agreements, conferences, meetings, greetings and invitations
  • revision and work on political, commercial, financial and scientific texts according to your field of expertise

The prices are the following:

Course type  Tuition hours Price
Full Immersion 20 € 770,00
Intensive 15 € 585,00
Basic 10 € 400,00

business italian courses florence, courses of italian for business florence
On weekends and holidays as well as for lessons after 6pm a supplement of 10% is applied.

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Your business does not allow you to travel? No problem, because our school provides Italian online courses as well!



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