The Italian language courses offered at Istituto Galilei in Florence are open to everybody, and are divided into different levels: from the first one for beginners, to the last one in which the language competency and awareness are full.italian language levels, european language levels

The levels of our Italian courses correspond to the common EU (Quadro Comune di Riferimento Europeo) standards of language proficiency.

If you are not a beginner you will be asked to complete our Italian language test [], in order to get a first evaluation of your knowledges and assign you the right teacher and materials.

In any case, on your first day of class your assigned teacher will administer you an oral test, in order to establish your “real” level of Italian. To ensure successful classes, Istituto Galilei’s first rule is to always assure a teacher with competency also on the native language of the student, especially for beginners, in order to have a strong “bridge language” to ensure full communication and comprehension through the learning phases of the course.

For further information on European levels and language proficiency, you can visit the following webpage –