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italian language teaching methodWhen choosing a person for a job, would you address to an unskilled or inexperienced person? Or would you mostly rely on a motivated and professional person, with core expertise and constantly working to provide an increasingly wide and better range of services?

Then the same applies to the school you decide to enroll in when choosing a language study program abroad…


The strength of a personalized approach

At Istituto Galilei in Florence, the Italian teaching method of our personalized language courses has been elaborated and refined in over 30 years of activity with our main focus on one-to-one tuition.
Our teachers are trained  to give every student individual attention through a flexible and personalized teaching approach. We take into consideration many elements that are key factors in terms of a person’s time and ways of learning, as: the mother-tongue, the age, the interests, the study habits and the motivation behind a study abroad language program.


But how does a personalized tuition method develop?

At first the teacher verifies the student’s linguistic needs and characteristics, together with the student’s interests in order to make sure to include them in the course contents.
The lessons are then organized on the study of grammar topics, through the most appropriate instruments (conversational activities, articles from newspapers or magazines, videos, etc) and linguistic consolidation exercises (tests, guided conversations, roleplays, etc).
Our experienced teachers, who will proceed in the course program according to your learning speed and daily results, will in the end revise and intepret the achieved results with the students, in order for them to be aware of their language improvements.

For further information on our Italian teaching method, just visit the following page:


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