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individual italian courses, one-to-one italian courses florenceWhat makes our Italian one-to-one courses in Florence different from many other schools in Italy, is our attention and focus to provide every student with an individual study program, specifically tailored to the linguistic necessities and the profile of each student.

When we organize a course, we assign to each student one of our experienced teachers, and set up a personalized program taking into consideration the linguistic background, the age, motivation and goals of every individual.

Our individual Italian courses are conceived to offer high flexibility and a perfect fit to the language and time needs of each student. Lessons last 60 minutes and can be in either in class at our Institute’s main location, or at the hotel/apartment you’re at during your stay in Florence.

individual italian courses, one-to-one italian courses florence

What makes a one-to-one course the best solution to study a language, is that the teacher’s attention will be completely focused on the student’s specific needs, the programme will be tailored on your linguistic necessities and the course will proceed according to your learning speed and daily results.

To have a dedicated teacher during the learning process is a unique opportunity to improve your knolwedges and skills, as you will be followed with personal care and attention at every stage of your tuition process.

Our Italian individual language courses can be organized everyday from a minimun of 2 to a maximum of 8 hours per day, with the possibility to include lunch with your teacher.

The Prices per week of our Individual Italian courses (with lessons from Monday to Friday) are the following:

Hours per week Price
2H/day 10 € 390,00
3H/day 15 € 570,00
4H/day 20 € 770,00
5H/day 25 € 950,00
6H/day 30 € 1.080,00
7H/day 35 € 1.250,00
8H/day 40 € 1.430,00

individual italian courses, one-to-one italian courses florenceThe fees include

  • Books and materials for the classes
  • Enrollment fee
  • Taxes
  • Certificate of attendance at the end of your course
  • Use of our facilities, library and media


Offers and discounts

On our individual italian courses we offer the following discounts all year round:
For a 3-week course, 8% OFF on the weekly rate
For a 4-11 week course, 10% OFF on the weekly rate
For a 12-week course or longer, 15% OFF on the weekly rate
For 2 participants in the same course, discount of 20% on the rate for each person

For last minute offers or special promotions, remember to check the page SPECIAL OFFERS

Additional Services

In our Italian individual classes we offer the opportunity to include lunch with your teacher, in order to keep practicing Italian outside the class during lunchtime in a friendly and informal environment. The costs are the following:

  • Light gourmet lunch: € 40 per day
  • Deluxe lunch: € 90 per day

Don’t miss the chance and fill out the form to get your personalized offer today!

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