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intensive italian courses florence
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intensive italian courses florence
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intensive italian courses florence
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intensive italian courses florence
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Come learn the Italian language in Florence with us!

At Istituto Galilei we provide a wide range of intensive Italian language courses:

  • individual courses
  • group courses
  • Italian for business or specific purposes
  • programs for colleges and universities
  • weekend italian courses
  • survival Italian courses
  • online courses


But what are the factors that makes a course “intensive”?
Studying in an intensive formula does not necessarily mean to study for many hours everyday, is the general approach to the language tuition that makes an intensive language training profitable for the students: having native teachers who take into consideration your mother tongue, your interests and your learning speed together with a friendly environment that makes you completely immersed within the language are surely key factors that affect your final results.

This is why we suggest our students the most suitable solution for them, according to their specific needs and goals they wish to acquire (see Course Choice).

intensive italian courses florenceOur intensive Italian courses are tailored in a way to be easily combined with the many culture courses and activities organized by the school, which are offered in addition to the study programs.

All our intensive Italian language courses in Florence are offered all year round (individual and self-composed small group courses can be scheduled also during holiday periods as well as on weekends) in order to take full advantage of the time at your disposal.

Browse our courses from the menu to find the most suitable italian intensive course for you, or just send us a form, specifying your needs and the goals you wish to reach and we will send you more information right away.

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