CILS & PLIDA exams


When studying a language for business, study or simply for personal interest, it comes the time when you will be willing to get a certification that attests your proficiency in Italian as a foreign language.
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At Istituto Galilei in Florence, for this purpose, we provide preparatory courses for both CILS and PLIDA exams.

CILS and PLIDA are  intended for all those whose native language is not Italian, as they are official certifications conceived to evaluate the linguistic competence a student has reached in Italian language.

Programs and method

Institute Galilei organizes Italian language courses in Florence for foreigners, offering a specific preparation aimed at the achievement of CILS and PLIDA certification. These courses are designed to give the student a thorough and personalized teaching program: our teachers will take care to let you be prepared in all the various skills required for the exam with a personalized teaching method based on what your linguistic needs and goals are.

Students will work directly on CILS and PLIDA exercise books and practical exercises will take place in both understanding and written composition in Italian language. Moreover the use of audio-visual materials and guided conversations is carried on in order to properly develop the oral expression skills of the student.

A further key point of our courses is given by the examination simulation, carried out directly on the CILS listening and grammar tests of previous years.

Our teaching method is structured in a way so that our teachers can constantly check the student’s progress in each examination skill, promptly working in order to fill the gaps and correct their weaker expression sides.


In the process of learning a foreign language to properly prepare for the exam, it is very important not only the number of tuition hours, but also and mostly the type of course that you decide to attend.

If you have limited time, or have to combine the preparatory CILS/PLIDA study with your work, we would like to suggest you to choose an individual course: in this way, the lessons will be organized according to your needs and availabilities, also the teacher will deal exclusively with your linguistic necessities, by correcting and improving your weaknesses. Our individual courses are the solution chosen by the majority of our students, as they provide the best results in a very short time.

Always keep in mind, in choosing the most suitable course for you, that a week of individual course corresponds to approximately one month in a group course.

At the Institute Galilei we strongly suggest to start the preparation for the CILS certification about two months before the test, so to organize the course in the time the students have at their disposal in the best and most suitable way.

Prices and schedules

For further information about the prices, exam taxes and schedule of CILS and PLIDA exams, kinldy refer to the following pages:

CILS Exam –
PLIDA Exam –

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