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Are you an agent, a recruiter, a university/college/educational representative?

If you are looking for a travel program for students/alumni or clients, then partner with us!

study program italy, italy student travelSince 1985 Istituto Galilei has been providing agencies, colleges and universities all over the world its high-quality and cost-competitive Italian language and culture courses in Florence.

In the last 30 years we have improved and refined our Study Abroad Programs, in order to give a complete response to the international requirements in terms of higher education, this is how our PROGRAMS section started.

We will meet your agency/institution’s needs by providing a personalized course plan, collaborating with you to design a unique program in Italy, specifically taylored to meet the participants’ wishes in the most suitable way.

Our programs can be both faculty/agency led as well as led by a host country team leader from our Institute, and both the lenght (from 2/3 days up to several weeks) and programs (tailored to various language levels as well as topics of interest) are flexible.

Our talented team, specialized in study abroad programs, will work with you to create a fully customized syllabus (including visits, excursions and educational field trips), while being of assistance at all the steps of the travel planning, taking care also of the logistical and organizational aspects of the program.

In our school, through a friendly and highly cooperational environment, our students have the opportunity to improve their linguistic knowledges and fluency, and enhance their multicultural education while experiencing a “once in a lifetime” journey in Italy.


Our Institute can give the opportunity to students coming to our school, to receive credits by participating in our linguistic and cultural programs.

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