The Ideal Environment!

Situated in a historical Italian building in the centre of the city, our Italian language school in Florence provides the ideal environment for both study and work:
Our wide stairs lead to nice and bright classrooms with audio and video equipment, as well as air-conditioning. Thanks to the school size, which has been kept rather small, we can follow you personally and give everyone the opportunity to receive individual attention during your studies and your stay.

Mission and History

Istituto Galilei, Italian language school in Italy, was established in 1985 following the will of our founder, Dr. Angelo Perugini, to provide to business people, professionals and students from around the world linguistic and highly specialized communications services and meet the highest quality standards.

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Today, after 30 years, all the staff at Istituto Galilei carry on this mission, driven by the will to give the opportunity, to all those who choose our Institute, to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay in Florence and in Italy.

With the valuable collaboration of highly specialized and professional teachers, Istituto Galilei provides personalized language and culture courses and programs to allow every student toreach the best results in short periods of time!

Our Italian teaching method

At Istituto Galilei in Florence, the Italian teaching method of our personalized language courses has been elaborated and refined in over 30 years of activity with our main focus on one-to-one tuition. Our teachers are trained  to give every student individual attention through a flexible and personalized teaching approach.

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We take into consideration many elements that are key factors in terms of a person’s time and ways of learning, as: the mother-tongue, the age, the interests, the study habits and the motivation behind a study abroad language program.

At first the teacher verifies the student’s linguistic needs and characteristics, together with the student’s interests in order to make sure to include them in the course contents.
The lessons are then organized on the study of grammar topics, through the most appropriate instruments (conversational activities, articles from newspapers or magazines, videos, etc) and linguistic consolidation exercises (tests, guided conversations, roleplays, etc).
Our experienced teachers, who will proceed in the course program according to your learning speed and daily results, will in the end revise and intepret the achieved results with the students, in order for them to be aware of their language improvements.

How we determine your level

The Italian language courses offered at Istituto Galilei in Florence are open to everybody, and are divided into different levels: from the first one for beginners, to the last one in which the language competency and awareness are full. The levels of our Italian courses correspond to the common EU (Quadro Comune di Riferimento Europeo) standards of language proficiency.

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If you are not a beginner you will be asked to complete our Italian language test [], in order to get a first evaluation of your knowledges and assign you the right teacher and materials.

In any case, on your first day of class your assigned teacher will administer you an oral test, in order to establish your “real” level of Italian. To ensure successful classes, Istituto Galilei’s first rule is to always assure a teacher with competency also on the native language of the student, especially for beginners, in order to have a strong “bridge language” to ensure full communication and comprehension through the learning phases of the course.

Learn Italian in Florence!

Florence stands to the Italian language like Oxford to English. Florence is the place where Italian was born and the first writers such as Dante and Boccaccio were Florentines. Still at the present time Florence is the town in Italy where a purer Italian is spoken while in other regions you might run into dialects and their heavy inflexion in the pronunciation can give foreigners some trouble in understanding the language.

School Facilities

Choose to learn the Italian language in Florence in a comfortable environment.
The rooms of our Italian language school in Florence are equipped with air conditioning, audio-visual system, stereo recording facilities as well as a computer to practice the grammar and to connect to internet.

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For music lovers and opera singers coming for specialized courses (phonetics and librettos study) a piano is available.

Library and media
Istituto Galilei in Florence has also a library, with texts of Italian literature, art, history (and many other topics) enriched by an interesting collection of Italian movies in Dvd.

Both the library and the dvd collection are available for our students who would like to practice the language outside the class. Our teachers and staff will be glad to be of assistance and help you choose the most appropriate text/movie for your level of Italian.

Wi-Fi Internet
A wireless connection is available in the Istituto and can be used by the students with their own mobiles and laptops, to work and study also after the classes.

Our Staff

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