Fine Arts classes


drawing and painting courses florence, art courses florence, Cradle of the Renaissance and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Florence with its wonderful museums and churches is the destination for every artist who would like to improve and enhance his abilities and skills in a city where you breath and live art from the very first moment.

Our drawing and painting courses gives you the unique opportunity to learn from an Italian “Maestro” different techniques and to improve your artistic skills.
drawing and painting courses florence, art courses florence, The Art courses at Istituto Galilei are organized both in individual and group formula: during our art classes the teacher will help every person to work on the most suitable styles and techniques according to your personal artistic experience, preferences and inspiration.

In our drawing and painting courses you can decide to start your tuition drawing a work by one of the great masters of the Renaissance (Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael) in order to improve your sense of line and shapes, and continue your work, completing your drawing with watercolors, oils or acrylics.


Our Art courses in Florence take place in professional atelier and studios, are open to students of all ages and nationalities and can cover different levels (from beginner to expert) and different techniques, as:

  • drawing
  • painting
  • watercolour
  • fresco
  • sculpture
  • mosaic
  • engraving

The courses are organized both in group (with a fixed schedule) and in individual formula (completely customizable in schedule, time and lenght).


The details of our art courses are the following:


Individual course*
(3 hours per day,
3 days per week)

€ 430,00 € 860,00 € 1.250,00 € 1.550,00

Group Basic
(2 hours per day,
5 days per week)

€ 200,00 € 395,00 € 515,00 € 615,00

Group Intensive
(4 hours per day,
5 days per week)

€  380,00 € 700,00 € 1.000,00 € 1.200,00

Options and discounts

Come with your friends and family and get the best prices with our small group courses!

And if you are looking forward the opportunity to combine an Art course with some History of Art, then our Renaissart program is what you are looking for!

*Discounts and reductions for enrollments in the same self-composed class together:

2 persons 20% off
3 persons 45% off
4 persons 50% off

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