Design course


design course in florenceA designer is first of all a draughtsman who translates into reality the dreams and wishes of a client, and what better place than Florence, the cradle of Renaissance, to master your design skills? Among our culture courses, Istituto Galilei offers its students the opportunity to enrol in a “hand-on” design course with professional teachers in a design studio in Florence.


The teachers will open the doors of their studio for you, and will guide you in this design path, exploring:

– the roots of architecture and design (with a study on the development of design through the works of world famous designers)

– sketching and drawing skills, with visits to some of the most important sites in Florence for open-air drawing sessions, together with technical drawing classes in the studio

– customer relation management, in order to understand the desires of the customers and be able to properly elaborate a personal project that suits their needs together with the spirit of the location (Genius Loci)

The course can also include a part focused on technologies on building site, in order to give our students a full set of instruments to ensure balance between the clients’ needs and budget as well as control over the suppliers.

From day one you will immediately start to study with a professionally oriented approach, in order to give you the opportunity to improve your skills and practice the acquired knowledges on site.

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