“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of”
(Leonardo Da Vinci)


Art workshop Italy, art courses Florence, art programs florenceEvery art lover craves to experience and to see incredible and varied forms of inspiration.

It’s easy to google Michelangelo and look at all those photos of his masterpieces, but why not choosing a different approach and see those amazing works you’ve always dreamt about through your own eyes? Then take a trip to Italy to see first hand the magnificent Dome by Brunelleschi, statues by Donatello and Michelangelo’s Pietà; and all that while enhancing your artistic abilities with a professional art course in an atelier in the center of the city.

Art workshop Italy, art courses Florence, art programs florenceAt Istituto Galilei we offer combined art courses focused on the Italian Renaissance, combining a course held in an art Studio together with art history tours and guided visits to the most famous museums and churches of Florence.

Should you prefer to have a completely personalized full immersion schedule or to share with other students your interest and study in group classes, our programs are designed to offer you the most suitable solution according to the goals you wish to reach.


Art workshop Italy, art courses Italy, Art courses Florence

Our Art courses in Florence are completely customisable and can be organized according to your specific interest: are you more into sculpture, painting or architecture? Our professional teachers will prepare for you a program in the most suitable way!



Here’s a sample week:

Week day Morning Afternoon
Monday Introductory Walking Tour Group Art class at the studio
Tuesday Museum visit  Group Art class at the studio
Wednesday  Individual Art class Group Art class at the studio
Thursday Museum visit  Group Art class at the studio
Friday   Individual Art class Group Art class at the studio
Saturday Daily excursion


Just fill the form for a free estimate on one of our personalized programs!

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