The Art History courses at Istituto Galilei are held by enthusiastic experts who will guide you through the different artistic movements that marked the evolution of our town: from an introductory part on ancient art to modern times with a primary focus where our hearts beat and made Florence famous all over the world, the Renaissance.

“History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed. Art has remembered the people, because they created”
(William Morris)


If you think about Art, there is no other city than Florence that could come to your mind…
With its world famous museums and masterpieces Florence is the perfect site where to study Art History!







About the Course

Do not expect only a book related approach:  our courses’ fees include also the entries to the museums and churches visited during the lessons, so to give you the opportunity to approach the topics studied first hand, with your eyes right on the masterpieces you would like to talk about.

The program of our courses in Art History covers from Ancient times to Modern Art, in order to give you all  information in order to prepare the focus on the art history of the Renaissance period in Florence, where it is represented by some of the most important artists of all times.

But the artists and their works will not be studied as self-standing: in our art history courses you will also learn about their lifestyles and philosophy,  through anedoctes on their life events and artistic characteristics, all through an analysis of the social context of the period, in order to better understand the development of the artists’ culture and way of thinking.

Course type 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
One-to-one Course
€380 €650 €890 €1050
Two-to-one Course
€295 €520 €710 €840
Small group Course*
€210 €360 €450 €530

* Small group courses are scheduled to start every first Monday of the month. If the minimum quota of participants (3 students) is not reached, small group lessons will be converted to two-to-one lessons with two-thirds the number of hours, or one-to-one lessons with half the number of hours


Our school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research.

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Additional Services

Our Art History course can be scheduled in the most suitable way to be combined with another course in Italian culture as well as in Italian language.

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